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Mary C. Davis, Attorney at Law
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Civil Law
The area of the law concerned with civil or private rights or remedies.

Business litigation
Property disputes
Insurance disputes and claims
Criminal Law
The area of the law where a person is charged with committing an offense under the penal code and is brought before a court for a determination of whether they are guilty or not guilty of the charged offense. A finding of guilt will lead to assessment of punishment, through fine, probation, or incarceration.

Family Law
The area of the law dealing with domestic relations between parties.

Child Support
Termination of Rights
Protective Orders
Personal Injury
The area of the law dealing with physical or psychological injuries inflicted on someone in an accident.

Car Accidents
Wrongful death
Railroad accidents
Nursing home negligence
Work place accidents
Serious injury claims
Slip and fall
Electrocution/burn cases
tractor/trailer collisions
Drunk driving
Oil/gas field accidents
Construction accidents
Medical malpractice
Wills and Probate
The area of the law dealing with making provisions for an individual's property to be distributed to heirs after their death.

Drafting of wills
Power of Attorney
Living Wills
Probate of wills
Affidavit of heirship

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